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Can symptom lye dormant over 30 years and still be transmittable

  • I had oral sex performed and later found the person had an abscess in his mouth I developed what looked like a sore on my genital area and was diagnosed with herpes I have never gotten another sore like that on my my genitals and it's been over 30 years so my ? Is could I have been miss diagnosed and could I after all that time transmit is to a partner giving him what looked like a cold sore or could he after having multiple partners developed said cold sore from someone else

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Oct 24, 2021
  • Posted on Nov 29, 2021

    STDcounselor PREMIUM

    Regarding the first part of your question. It is entirely possible you were misdiagnosed. Given how long ago the diagnosis was made I am confident it... For detail, click here

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